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We are going to disconitinue our website Aug 1st 2021.  Please visit our FB page for news about the ranch, horses available or other news.


Welcome to Brush Poppin Ranch

shows us daily in what condition we are. If we get involved with horses, we have a great chance of finding a friend and partner, that will always be honest with us. Admirable is especially their goodwill with us humans. A big and powerful animal, much stronger than us, lets us lead them so trustingly. So let's always be aware of that and encounter our horses with gratitude and respect.

The horse...

...and the human...

...naturally in unison.

is capable of taking care of his surroundings. Such as also of his horse, which depends on us to give him an adequate housing. On the one hand they need the freedom of movement to live up to their excercising standards, the correct feeding as well as other animals as companions. On the other hand we are responsible to care for our domesticated animal by using our knowledge and intellect.

When we take our responsibility to take good care of our horses, they will give us all the things we love in them. Elegance, power, enjoyment, affection, respect and gratitude - to only name a few. Only by doing so, we allow the horse to commit to a bond with us. This bond allows us to learn, play and work together without harming each other.

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